Bonnie Collura | Rebel Angel

Skywalker, 2002, Stainless steel, wood, epoxy putty, aquaresin, plexiglass, felt, forton, paint, 22 x 22 x 12 in. each (9 components)

Press Release

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  • Bonnie Collura

Susan Inglett is pleased to present the work of BONNIE COLLURA from 12 September to 11 October 2003.

Rebel angels, deemed unworthy of Heaven they are cast from Paradise. Falling their corporeal bodies are transformed from ethereal spirits to clodding monsters better suited for life on Earth, or worse. Inspired by the multi-limbed and winged Grotesques of Hieronymus Boschs’ Last Judgment, Bonnie Collura imagines a contemporary apocalypse of five. Cobbled together from a vast menagerie of mythological creatures spanning centuries and cultures, each creature is viewed with a mix of horror and sympathy. Fragments as diverse as Rodin’s Adam, Disney’s Seven Dwarfs, Bernini’s St. Theresa, the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, and the artist herself focus and dissolve as one moves around the work. History, myth, and fiction collide in a tangled web of arms, heads, and memories suggestive of our own subconscious and likewise, our own demons.

Bonnie Collura has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions at the Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield; the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas; the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.