Drawings Relations Structures

Press Release

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  • Carl Andre
  • Hanne Darboven
  • Sol LeWitt
  • Lawrence Weiner

I.C. is pleased to present an exhibition of drawings and wall works by Carl Andre, Hanne Darboven, Sol LeWitt, and Lawrence Weiner curated by David Platzker. The inspiration for this exhibition lies in the relationship which exists between these artists on a personal level, and their work on a formal level. The show will celebrate a friendship and union of mind and spirit which has spanned nearly three decades.

Each of the works in the exhibition represent structures -structures for making poetry, for marking time, for making marks.

Carl Andre's typewritten poetry structures from the Sixties represent systems for making poetry through the isolation of words. Hanne Darboven's "1969 Written on 42 Pages", one of the few time line drawings from her stay in New York, illustrates the artist's own personal method of marking time. While Sol LeWitt's 1973 "Wall Drawing #164" outlines a specific formula for making marks, Lawrence Weiner's drawings outline a subjective formula for making marks, or not. "Better to Wear Out than Rust Out" 1986, drawn on eight sketchbook pages torn from the catalogue raisonné of Leonardo DaVinci, suggests, however, that is better to make a mark than not.

Quoting from the same piece "Mi estructura es su estructura *** Su estructura es mi estructura" captures simply and eloquently the spirit of the exhibition. Given the resonance between these four friends in their work and in their lives, it seems they have indeed taking Weiner's instructions to heart.

For more information please contact Susan Inglett at 212/343-0573 and fax 212/343- 0574. Please visit I.C. at the Gramercy International Contemporary Art Fair opening Friday 28 April 6 to 10 PM through Monday 1 May. Unique works from Robert Beck, Mary Carlson, Bruce Conner, Jessica Diamond, and Robin Kahn will be featured.