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Press Release

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SUSAN INGLETT is pleased to present an exhibition of the prints and multiples she has published as
I.C. Editions from 3 November to 12 December 1998. The exhibition has been scheduled to coincide with Artists’ Books and Editions ‘98, a Fair showcasing the best in contemporary publishing organized by Susan Inglett, Carolina Nitsch of Brooke Alexander Editions and David Platzker of Printed Matter. The Fair will take place 5 to 8 November at Brooke Alexander Gallery and Printed Matter.

Founded in 1990, I.C. Editions was established to provide access to the print and multiple medium for a new generation. Artists are invited both for their ability to utilize the medium to its best advantage but also with an eye toward collectively representing the art of our time. To date , projects have been completed with Annette Lemieux, Allan McCollum, Claes Oldenburg, Rona Pondick, Richard Prince, Erika Rothenberg, Allan Ruppersberg and “Do-It-Yourself” with Jessica Diamond, Sol LeWitt, and
Lawrence Weiner.

Prints and multiples have experienced a renewed interest among artists who recognize the medium as well suited to contemporary issues in art including examinations of originality, use of modern technology, and art as socio-political commentary.

Through computer technology Annette Lemieux pixilates or masks the identities of a batallion of soldiers in “Stolen Faces”. Using a common media device, the artist effectively mocks the media's and our own facile attempts to protect our innocent. While Lemieux might beat them at their own game, Erika Rothenberg joins them. "Greetings" looks and acts like a boxed set of commercial greeting cards intended for wide distribution. Rothenberg makes a card for all occasions - bombings, psychosis,
illegal immigration...

Allan Ruppersberg also gives his project a commercial look by re-creating a “Remainders” table. Hundreds of books were printed from collages of popular literature and culture. The pages of each book create a jumbled narrative meant to mimic the reader's stream of unconsciousness.

Rona Pondick turns to the book format as the perfect vehicle for her mantra-like confessions of longing. “I want” unfolds to reveal eleven feet of unbridled desire. Book as diary plays a role as well in Richard Prince’s, “(no title)”, a collection of twelve pages of personal revelations and tasteless jokes repeated ad-naseum.

The medium’s ability to reproduce and multiply is underscored by Allan McCollum’s “Visible Markers”, thousands of concrete ingots bearing the message THANKS. Here the artist creates an action as well as an object , the project being only truly realized when THANKS is given and received.

"Do-It-Yourself" with Jessica Diamond, Sol LeWitt, and Lawrence Weiner also requires viewer participation. Providing the collector with artists’ instructions, diagrams and the materials to do-it-yourself , this project is the ultimate in home improvement. As further affirmation of the potential of the medium to reach the masses,

Claes Oldenburg gives us “NYC Pretzel”, an inexpensive unlimited edition made with three-ply cardboard, screenprinting, and a little imagination.