Laura Stein

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  • Laura Stein

I.C. is pleased to announce an exhibition of electronically altered photographs from LAURA STEIN. The show will open Wednesday 15 March with a reception for the artist from 6 to 8 PM, and continue to 22 April 1995.

In a review of Laura Stein's last exhibition of hybrid plants, Kirby Gookin quotes Winckelmann's formula for achieving esthetic perfection, "the ancients acted as a skillful gardener does, who ingrafts different shoots of excellent sorts upon the same stock... so were their ideas of beauty not limited to the beautiful in a single individual, but they sought to unite beautiful parts of many beautiful bodies". While Winckelmann was describing the alchemy of the artist, he might as easily have been describing that of the modern scientist. Using a combination of genetics and biotechnology, man is now in a position to move beyond the realm of the imagination to achieve perfection in the actual world.

In her second New York exhibition Laura Stein continues to make improvements, shifting her focus from the plant to the animal kingdom. Selecting species ripe for evolution, Stein scans images into the computer, edits and outputs. The finished product is a new and improved version of nature better suited for the modern world...as we see it.

The exhibition will be on view at I.C. located 100 Wooster Street 2 floor open Wednesday to Saturday 1 to 6 PM and by appointment. For more information please contact Susan Inglett at 212/343-0573.