Michelle Segre

Golden White Slice 2, 1996, Beeswax, foam, papier mache, 52 x 55 x 6 in.

Press Release

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  • Michelle Segre

SUSAN INGLETT is pleased to present an exhibition of works on paper and sculpture by Michelle Segre from 8 April 1999 to 15 May 1999. A reception for the artist will be held the evening of Thursday 8 April from 6 PM to 8 PM.

David Humphrey refers to the Chinese scholar’s rock when describing the surface of Michelle Segre’s “Golden White,” a five foot high slice of wax Wonder Bread.The analogy could be applied with equal ease to the artist’s recent work on paper.

Connoisseurs appreciate the scholar’s rock both for its abstract, formal qualities and for its microcosmic representation of our universe. Segre’s meticulously detailed ink drawings likewise teeter between psychedelic abstraction and surreal landscape. There are worlds within worlds hidden within these drawings.

As contemporary literati we wander twisting mountain paths, leap babbling brooks, scale rocky peaks, and, in the artist’s world, pick our way among bread crusts, orange peels, and memories of sculpture past. Michelle Segre takes us on an imaginative journey to the center of her universe, and what a strange trip it is. Michelle Segre’s work has been seen most recently in the exhibition “Sliding Scale” at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and the exhibition “Artists’ Interventions” at the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Work will be on view at the gallery located 100 Wooster Street/2 Floor Tuesday to Saturday 11 AM to 6 PM. For more information contact Susan Inglett at 212/343-0573 and fax 212/343-0574.