Now Playing

Press Release

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  • Vito Acconci
  • Barbara Bloom
  • John Cage
  • Janet Cardiff
  • Marcel Duchamp
  • Ceal Floyer
  • Ann Hamilton
  • Louise Lawler
  • Christian Marclay
  • Kristin Oppenheim
  • Nam June Paik
  • Alan Rath

Susan Inglett is pleased to present NOW PLAYING, a selection of projects by visual artists who experiment with or use audio as a primary component of their work. The exhibition will open 11 January and continue through 17 February.

Music and sound make frequent appearances in the art of the Twentieth Century, fading in and out from movement to movement. Early on, sound and noise played an important role in the work of the Futurists, Dadaists and Fluxus artists. During the Happenings of the Sixties and in the installation and video work of the Seventies and Eighties, music was relegated to a supporting role creating mood and atmosphere. It was not until the latter part of the century that audio was released once again from the strictures of film and object to take center stage.

“Now Playing” samples work of the past century beginning with Marcel Duchamp’s recording of “contrepetrie”, a word play transposing words, letters, syllables and their sounds. The exhibition moves through Fluxus with a nod towards performance in John Cage’s monumental music box with original orchestrations and Vito Acconci’s wearable music vest. Both require audience participation. The use of audio in video and installation work is seen and heard in Ann Hamilton’s etching with a stylus on glass. A final note is sounded by KristIn Oppenheim’s crystal clear voice, an artist who makes the aural an end in itself. Featured artists include Vito Acconci, Barbara Bloom, John Cage, Janet Cardiff, Marcel Duchamp, Ceal Floyer, Ann Hamilton, Louise Lawler, Christian Marclay, KristIn Oppenheim, Nam June Paik and Alan Rath.

Solo performances are scheduled throughout the day. We take requests.

The exhibition will be on view at the Susan Inglett Gallery located 100 Wooster Street/2 Floor Tuesday to Saturday 11 AM to 6 PM. For additional information, please contact Susan Inglett at 212/343-0573 and fax 212/343-0574.