Press-On: Editions From Four Young Publishers

Press Release

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  • Kenny Goldsmith
  • Annette Lemieux
  • Jessica Diamond
  • Sol LeWitt
  • Lawrence Weiner
  • Kate Ericson
  • Mel Ziegler

Brain Multiples/Santa Monica, Dan Elias Editions/Boston, I.C. Editions/NYC, and Permanent Press/Brooklyn. The irrepressible spirit of a new generation of artist and publisher is captured in this exhibition of recent editions.

The print and multiple medium undergoes constant rejuvenation with the introduction of new techniques and new technologies. A number of these approaches are represented in the work on view.

With a book, CD, and print edition from Permanent Press, KENNY GOLDSMITH spreads the word through a variety of messengers. Crafting a mesmerizing rap-style of poetry, Goldsmith arranges popular phrases into graphic compositions which composer/vocalist Joan La Babara sets to music.

Music also plays a role in ANNETTE LEMIEUX's "Sublime Harmony". Commissioned for an exhibition of music boxes, Lemieux screenprints the casements with images of natural disasters. Tradition begins and ends with Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" in this multiple from Dan Elias Editions.

A turn of the key sets Lemieux's work in motion, but a bit more energy is required to "Do-It-Yourself" with JESSICA DIAMOND, SOL LEWITT, and LAWRENCE WEINER. This project from I.C. Editions includes pencil, stencil, overhead projection, letterpress instructions and diagrams to execute work by each of these conceptual artists.

While "Raw Material" may be an apt description for "Do-It-Yourself" it is in fact the title of KATE ERICSON and MEL ZIEGLER's project for Brain Multiples. Comprised of a G-scale model train with one engine, 12 hopper cars, and one caboose carrying marble slabs inscribed with bits and pieces of the Constitution. As the work is sold car by car, the foundations of democracy are spread from coast to coast.