1 July 2004 - 30 July 2004


Susan Inglett is pleased to present "Here, There, and Everywhere" an exhibition of gallery artists and friends through July 2004. The exhibition includes work by Bonnie Collura, Bruce Conner, Keith Edmier, Sheila Pepe and Richard Tuttle..

It is that time of year again, Summer vacation! Should you find yourself spending yours in sunny Palm Beach Florida, we hope you'll enjoy the sights at the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Sheila Pepe. Using a mere two tons of royal blue nautical rope and as many bright orange and white shoelaces, the artist has magically transformed the Museum into a riotous celebration of color and light. Fireworks came early to Palm Beach this year in this extraordinary example of the boundless nature of the human imagination and spirit.

If Palm Beach is not in your travel plans, take a right or a left and head over to Long Island City and P.S. 1. There you are sure to enjoy a dip in the wading pool and that drink of cool water that is Bob Nickas' "Curious Crystals of Unusual Purity". Bruce Conner starts the show off with a bang with work from "Take Two, D.H.O.M.S., Volume I" and sustains the momentum with a sprinklng of earlier works. Take another right or left and keep your eyes open for "The Big Nothing" at the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, where Conner also makes an impact with "Bombhead" and others.

Even if you can't make it off the island this Summer, stop by the Gallery where you are sure to enjoy the works of both Bruce Conner and Sheila Pepe, as well as of Bonnie Collura, Keith Edmier, and Richard Tuttle. Best wishes for a wonderful summer, whether you are here, there, or everywhere.