9 February 2006 - 4 March 2006


Susan Inglett (office) will be offering a private view of a new series of paintings on paper by CRAIG LOVE from 9 February to 4 March 2006.

In spring, the sweet young spring, decked out with little green, necklaced, braceleted with the song of idiotic birds, spurious and sweet and tawdry as a shopgirl in her cheap finery, like an idiot with money and no taste; they were little and young and trusting, you could kill them sometimes. But now, as August like a languorous replete bird winged slowly through the pale summer toward the moon of decay and death, they were bigger, vicious; ubiquitous as undertakers, cunning as pawnbrokers, confident and unavoidable as politicians. They came cityward lustful as country boys, as passionately integral as a college football squad; pervading and monstrous but without majesty; a biblical plague seen through the wrong end of a binocular; the majesty of Fate become contemptuous through ubiquity and sheer repetition.
—From William Faulkner’s Mosquitoes

Canadian artist Craig Love’s work was seen most recently in New York in “Life and Limb”, a show curated by David Humphrey for Feigen Gallery. Unlike fellow Winnipegians, Love riffs not on cartoons or sci-fi, but on the Viennese Secessionists and German Expressionists of an earlier period of decadence and decay.