Curated by David Platzker
9 June 2011 - 22 July 2011</p>

Specific Object / David Platzker is pleased to announce the opening of Specific Object Presents Lawrence Weiner's Published Work from The Jean-Noël Herlin Archive Project. The exhibition will be on view at Susan Inglett Gallery from 9 June through 22 July 2011.

This project by Specific Object presents over 450 items, or published work, by Lawrence Weiner drawn from The Jean-Noël Herlin Archive Project, an archive assembled by Jean-Noël Herlin beginning in 1973 which now contains well over 300,000 physical items documenting over 100,000 international individual artists, collaborators and groups; group events; material pertaining to organizations; and periodicals.

My archive is an informational structure whose dimensions vary with the incremental expansion of its parts.
- Jean-Noël Herlin, 2011

The published work by Lawrence Weiner within the exhibition represents a selected chronological history of Weiner's ephemera, artists' books, posters, small multiples and other printed work by or about Lawrence Weiner from 1969 to 2011.

Herlin's holdings of Weiner's printed work represents one of the largest segments from his Archive Project, with much of the materials coming directly to Herlin from Alice Zimmerman and Lawrence Weiner.

Before Lawrence there was Alice - who sometime in the mid-1980s walked into my 80 Thompson Street bookshop in Manhattan, introduced herself and, showing me some of Lawrence Weiner's early exhibition documents, said I heard (presumably from Mimi Wheeler - Thank you Mimi) that you might buy these things. I do. Many more and different things followed. A quarter of a century later a show is born.
- Jean-Noël Herlin, 2011

Since 2009 Specific Object has represented Herlin in selling files from the The Jean-Noël Herlin Archive Project. More information, and a PDF finding aid to the archive, can be found at: www.specificobject.com/projects/herlin

The exhibition will be on view at Susan Inglett Gallery located at 522 West 24th Street Tuesday to Saturday 10 to 6. After 4 July 2011 Gallery hours will be Monday to Friday 10 to 6. For additional information, please contact Susan Inglett Gallery at 212.647.9111, fax 212.647.9333 or info@inglettgallery.com.

Specific Object / David Platzker and Susan Inglett Gallery gratefully acknowledge Jean-Noël Herlin, Lawrence Weiner & Alice Zimmerman, with the cooperation of Marian Goodman Gallery in making this exhibition possible.