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YAYOI KUSAMA Presents an Orgy

Kusama Presents An Orgy: Nudity, Love, Sex & Beauty For Adults Over 21, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1969, Offset-printed periodical, 17 x 11 2/5 in. Folded, Edition size unknown, unsigned

Closing Date

11 December 2019




The rise of tabloid pornography in the 1960s led to attacks from government censors. In order to bypass regulation, these magazines linked themselves to fine art publications by inviting artists to produce work for their pages. Artists saw this engagement with tabloid pornography as a means of engaging with everyday culture.

At this time Yayoi Kusama was well-versed in handling press, her aptitude gained her publicity for her staged happenings around New York City. As a result of her self-promotion and the nature of her happenings, her work began to crop up in pornographic publications. Through her connections, Kusama was able to produce her own magazine, Kusama Presents an Orgy. She continued publishing the magazine for eight issues with financial support earned from the personal ads which appeared in its pages. The edition presented here in our current exhibition "By / Buy Me", Kusama Presents an Orgy, is the publication’s first edition.