Aaron Spangler

Title: Sculpture Park

Medium: Woodcut with silver ink on Arches cover black.

Size: 24 1/2 x 36 in.

Edition: Edition of 26, 5 Artist Proofs, 1 I.C.E. Impression.

Release: February 2006

Price: $1,000.00


AARON SPANGLER, Sculpture Park (2006), a woodcut and first print from the artist printed by Maurice Sanchez of Derriere l’Etoile Studios, New York City. Work is printed in silver ink on Arches cover black in an edition of 26 and published by I.C. Editions, Inc, NYC.


A seasoned woodcarver, this project represents Aaron Spangler’s first print and woodcut. As noted by Ken Johnson in the New York Times, Spangler “uses his extraordinary technique to elaborate profusely detailed, darkly comic visions of rural Post-apocalyptic ruin...he leaves things a bit rough (creating) a magical tension between the raw material and the epic fantasy”. Spangler’s Sculpture Park is no less a rough place. Here a scrap heap of earlier iconography, burned-out cars, downed power lines, and discarded tires, shares ground with Constructivist assemblage, Memorial statuary, and weed-infested Horn of Plenty. This Sculpture Park seems located somewhere between a memorial garden down on its luck and a backyard shrine on the way up.


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