Claes Oldenburg

Title: N.Y.C. Pretzel

Medium: Screenprint/laser cut cardboard

Size: 7 x 7 x 1/2 in.

Edition: Unlimited edition, stamped

Release: November 1994



CLAES OLDENBURG, N.Y.C. Pretzel (1994), is the perfect complement to earlier multiples including Baked Potato (1966), Wedding Souvenir (1966), Knackebrod (1966), and Profiteroles (1989).


The Pretzel has been laser cut from three-ply cardboard then screenprinted toast brown and flecked with white "salt" by Brand X. The project was published by I.C. Editions and David Platzker in unlimited edition and stamped with the title, date, and artist's initials.


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