20 October - 3 December 2022

Over her two-decade-long career, Hope Gangloff has become as well known for her landscape and still life painting as she has for the early mark she made on portraiture. Hitting her “supple, sensual, optical stride,” [1] Gangloff follows on with new work that brings her characteristic luminosity to prolonged moments of observation. Here, the view from her studio window prompts a cycle of paintings that trace a familiar landscape through the change of seasons. Gangloff maintains the frame reinterpreting the scene throughout the day and year.  Her focus gives rise to an appreciation for nuance, capturing the transient quality of light and atmosphere. With a keen eye, the artist elevates the moments once overlooked in the maelstrom of a hurried life, allowing our eyes to adjust to the beauty of a quiet moment.


Dreamscapes grown from the seeds of the artist’s personal environment, Gangloff’s dynamic scenes tempt you into a world of her own making: one of enrapturing color, sweeping lines, and familiar objects turned surreal.[2]


Whether a study of a pear tree in the spring or a rendering of her backyard barn in the rain, the works serve as explorations of color theory, form, and scale. Awash with hues of pinks, purples, blues, and greens, Gangloff brings her bright palette to views from her everyday life. From the bright rays of sunshine gleaming on Lake George to the snow-topped cabin peeking through bare branches, these scenes offer a fragmented narrative of Gangloff’s life– in sunshine and snowfall. What emerges is a body of work that reveals the artist's skill as an observer of people and nature alike– and an open invitation for us all to See.


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