The Bruce High Quality Foundation

Title: The Bruce High Quality Foundation Foundation & Other Ideas

Medium: Artist book/monograph

Size: 9 1/4 x 8 x 1/2 in., 160 pages

Edition: Edition of 25 signed with lipstick kisses or unsigned edition

Release: 2008

Price: Sold Out


The Bruce High Quality Foundation Foundation & Other Ideas collects the writings of various artists and scholars on subjects pertinent to the work of the foundation thus far and far thus. Printed in BHQF's trademark black & white, this 160 page volume includes hundreds of images and Bruce High Quality statements as well as essays by post-modern art historian Colby Chamberlain, artist and curator Charles Danby, voice-over artist Karl N. David, actor Karim El-Tanamil, modern art historian Beatrice Gross, poet Tom Healy, art journalist Jordan Hruska, musical theater historian Denzel T. Jackson, architect Jana Leo, artist and professor Niki Logis, performance artist Matthew Robert Lutz-Kinoy, Director of the Homeless Museum of Art Filip Noterdaeme, Victorian scholar Margaux Poueymirou, artist and romance novelist Julia Weist, curator and brother Nicholas Weist and pseudonym and anthropologist Z.L. Limited availability.