EXPO Chicago: Allison Miller | Greg Smith

Navy Pier, 18 - 21 September 2014 
Booth 507

Susan Inglett Gallery is pleased to present the work of Chicago natives Greg Smith and Allison Miller at EXPO Chicago. Despite pursuing disparate paths, these artists share a conscious approach to art making and abstraction rooted in formal concerns. Smith is a video and installation artist, Miller an abstract painter. Their connection lies in a surface tension created through unique handling of textiles manifest in color and pattern for Miller and physical materiality for Smith. Miller looks to multiple sources for inspiration, working directly on the canvas she layers color and texture making each painting a palpable site of activity. Miller’s paintings shift and mutate, prioritizing experience over certainty. Her work is endlessly inventive as is that of Smith, who creates elaborate wall hangings which incorporate quite literally everything but the kitchen sink. He is an artist who uses science, technology and art in collision or collusion. The process of making is everywhere transparent: seams abound, and craft alternates with careful engineering. The Smith/Miller juxtaposition will highlight the range of both artists but as importantly, the range of the human imagination.


The Gallery’s installation will feature five paintings by Miller, and an installation by Smith that accompanies his video BREAKDOWN LANE. The film stars the artist as protagonist on a dystopian road trip. Smith was awarded a Guggenheim Grant in 2012 to realize the film which debuted earlier this year at Grinnell College in his first museum solo exhibition, Quality Uncertainty: The Market for Lemons.


Allison Miller has shown internationally with work appearing most recently in “...six memos for the next” curated by Tilo Schulz and Jorge van den Berg, at the Bregenzer Kunstverein, Austria; “Painting in Place”, curated by Shamim Momin; ‘Stone Gravy”, curated by David Pagel and “Made in L.A. 2012”, organized by the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.


Greg Smith’s films have been screened at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC; the Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn; Artists Space, NYC; Participant, Inc., NYC; the CW Network, Burbank; Dark Fair, Cologne, Germany; and Grinnell College, Grinnell. Smith recently closed his first museum solo at Grinnell College’s Faulconer Gallery and will open his second in the Fall at UT, Chattanooga’s Cress Gallery of Art. 


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